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Under what circumstances, how to change the spark plug, know that the spark plug should be replaced.


The ignition device of the car determines whether the car can start normally, and the spark plug is a very important accessory in the ignition system. Everyone should know that spark plugs are easily damaged parts. If they are used improperly or for a long time, various problems will occur and the performance of the car will be affected. At this time, the spark plug should be replaced. So, under what circumstances, change the spark plug, how do you know that the spark plug should be replaced?


Spark plugs, why should spark plugs be replaced?

A spark plug is a very important part of the ignition system. It generates a high voltage between the two poles, which generates a current, which in turn generates an electric spark. However, because the ignition requirements of the engine are very precise, the heat value, shape and area of ​​the spark determine the combustion efficiency, so it has a certain impact on fuel consumption and power output.

However, the continuous use of the electrode will gradually become shorter, and the working distance between the electrodes will become longer, thereby affecting the ignition performance. Due to the use of different oils and driving environment, there will gradually be stains and carbon deposits on the spark plug, which will affect the performance of the spark plug. At this time, the spark plug needs to be replaced.

If the ignition capacity is reduced, the fuel oil will be insufficient, and the fuel consumption will increase. If the situation is serious, the engine may have idling and jitter. When driving at low speed, there will be jitter, driving is weak, and there is a cold car. It is difficult to start the engine.

Spark plug life, when to change the spark plug

Under normal circumstances, the service life of ordinary copper core spark plug is 30,000 km, while the service life of precious metal spark plug (platinum, sheet metal) is 60,000 to 90,000 km. The maintenance period specified by different car manufacturers is not exactly the same, the specific replacement cycle Subject to the requirements of the car manufacturer.

If it is difficult to start the vehicle in the cool state, sometimes even the fire does not respond, or there is obvious frustration, idle speed jitter, engine acceleration performance, etc., most of which are spark plug aging. Damage caused.


What causes the spark plug life to shorten and needs to be replaced

The length of life of the spark plug is determined according to the driver's driving habits and the operation of the engine.

1. The quality of the fuel is not enough. Frequently go to some private places or where the quality of the oil is not enough.

2. The car is overloaded for a long time.

3, violent driving without moving, often come down the floor oil.

4. Drive in a relatively harsh environment for a long time.


After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the situation when changing spark plugs, especially for novice friends, to maintain good driving habits, to do the daily maintenance of the car, the health of the car, the driving Safety will help a lot.

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